What to Expect


As a new patient there will be paperwork that is necessary for you to fill out before your first visit. You can download that paperwork here and have it filled out before you enter the office. This will save you time on your first visit. Our office is about two things: Efficiency and Results.

Day One: 

Your first visit will begin with a complimentary consultation from your doctor. They will review your paperwork and then sit down with you to discuss what is bringing you in to the office. After the consultation your doctor will decide if your health case is a Chiropractic case or not. If your doctor decides to take you on as a patient, they will then lead you through an extremely thorough examination of your spine and nervous system. The examination will include the appropriate diagnostic testing for them to fully understand your case and how they can best help you.

Day Two: 

At your second visit your doctor will have compiled all the information from your consultation and examination and he will go over the results with you in detail. At this point they will make their recommendations for your care. They will give you specific guidelines on frequency and duration for your chiropractic care. Also on your second visit, your treatment will begin.


Your care will be centered around specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments. Our adjusting style is extremely gentle and focused. The Specific Prone Technique is ideal for all ages and doesn’t involve any popping or cracking. Your body can quickly stabilize, especially with at-home care such as icing, stretching and strengthening exercises. All of our patients regularly express gratitude for our gentle and effective adjusting technique.

We’ve seen numerous patients benefit from needle-free acupuncture, which doesn’t use needles but gives all the benefits of traditional acupuncture. We often use auricular acupuncture, which is the stimulation of points on the ear. The sensation is often imperceptible but makes a huge impact. Acupuncture doesn’t just boost your healing — it releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. We’re able to remove blockages that keep your body from functioning at its optimum level.