About Rowenhorst Family Chiropractic


Rowenhorst Family Chiropractic treats patients of all ages, from pregnant mothers to newborn babies and long into old age. It is well known that maintaining a healthy nervous system throughout your life allows your entire body to function at a higher level and deal with the many stresses of our environment more effectively.

Both Dr. Jackie and Dr. Ryan have a passion for treating children and infants to ensure they can grow up in state of vitality and health. 

Dr.'s Ryan and Jackie belong to a large family of Chiropractors. They are two of five chiropractors that utilize the title of Dr. Rowenhorst, making chiropractic a center point of of their lives both professionally and personally. They both love to share their passion of natural health, and the belief that your health truly comes from the inside out, if given the chance to thrive. 

Dr.'s Ryan and Jackie were married in the summer of 2016 and  are looking forward to starting a family soon. 

They are highly involved with the community, and are excited to continue into the future as  contributing members of  Erie, Colorado.